Spring, finally!

Red and yellow tulips from Westmount Florist
Red and yellow tulips from Westmount Florist

So, Spring finally arrived on Sunday night…or so they say! We had some absolutely gorgeous Spring weather two weeks ago when I was able to go jogging outside for the first time in months, but since then it has gotten chilly again. Now don’t get me wrong, compared to the weather we had from late December right through mid February, it is lovely out. The sun is nice and strong and there is melting going on even when it is below freezing, but I think I can speak for everyone West of Vancouver and particularly for those living in the Maritime Provinces of Canada when I say that we are over Winter, even those like me who enjoy skiing! We want the snow to stop falling, for what there is on the ground to melt, for birds to sing and flowers and buds to grow, preferably overnight. In the absence of such a miracle though, I am attempting to trick myself into not believing Météo Média (Quebec’s version of The Weather Network) when they tell me it is -10 outside today by buying myself bouquets of Tulips. I’m on my third one since January. I’ve pictured of two of my bouquets here, the first and third ones I bought. The middle bouquet didn’t get photographed because I bought it from a florist beside my office after work one day and was sorely disappointed when the tulips were already dying the next day. Back to my local Westmount Florist I went for my next tulips and they’re doing very well. I bought them on Friday and took this picture the same day. They’ve now opened up and have grown quite a bit. If you enjoy buying cut flowers like I do, the best tips I can give you to have them last longer is to trim their ends before putting them in water when you get them home and then keep trimming their ends regularly and change their water every time you do. My tulip bouquets tend to last about a week or a bit longer when I do this.

So, if you live someplace warm or if you’re fortunate enough to have been able to get away from Old Man Winter, please send warm thoughts up to us here in Canada. If you’re Canadian like me and are ready to go stir crazy from this never-ending cold and snow, take heart, Spring does always come in the end. Also, if you are in the Montreal area would like your own lovely bouquets from Westmount Florist, you can visit their website here. They have two locations, one on Victoria Avenue in Westmount and the other on Lakeshore Road in Point-Claire.

Purple tulips from Westmount Florist
Purple tulips from Westmount Florist

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