The miracle of Spring!


I know, I know, I’ve done a ‘OMG, Spring is here!’ post before, but this time Spring really has Sprung! Because yes, in Canada anywhere East of British Columbia, the official first day of Spring is a farce. It always, always snows and gets cold later than mid-March except the odd year which is a fluke. I can remember very clearly standing outside at work at the end of March three years ago and it was 27 degrees and sunny and nary a flake of snow fell again until the following year. But that must have been the one year where we could have all sworn we had been transported to British Columbia because there had pretty much been no Winter at all!

This year, however, was very different from that. It was freezing cold, like -10 celsius and colder, and snowy from early December right until late February (minus a few brief reprieves). Then it ‘warmed up’ a bit until temperatures finally inched above freezing in early March before dipping down again for a bit and now finally we’re seeing temperatures above 10 degrees! That, naturally, means all sorts of wonderful things, like no more snow, birds singing at the tops of their voices and most of all, things are growing!!! The crocuses are  out, the tulips and daffodils are coming and if you take a good look at the picture of the Maple tree in front of our house, you will be able to see that the buds are starting to open! My current photo project is to take a picture of that tree once a week to show you its progress until the leaves are fully open 🙂

Spring is always so amazing to me, but especially so now that I have my own place and my own little garden. It isn’t much yet, but I’ve already planted some lavender and lupins in front. My little lupin seeds grew last year, even though they were rather timid little plants. I’m hoping they’ll come back this year and be a bit more confident. Time will tell!

IMG_2198 - Copy
Buds on our Maple tree!

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