A love for all things old

Here is something you should know about me: I love all things old. Antiques, classical music, period costumes, historical fiction novels, old houses, old churches…I became fascinated with all of these things as a small child and have remained so. Therefore, when I gave a concert with my choir at St-Viateur church in Outremont two weeks ago, I naturally brought my camera along and happily snapped away before our dress rehearsal began and during our break. I had been by this church so many times and we had sung in it once before, but I had never had an opportunity to take photos inside.  It is a neo-gothic masterpiece and is in a fairly good state of conservation as far as churches in Montreal go. We have so many beautiful old churches in our city and so many of them are in need of serious restoration, but because they are so numerous, they can’t all be saved. About a month ago one church in the Saint-Henri district had to have a cupola above one of its steeples removed because the parish couldn’t afford to have it repaired. Stories like this always break my heart because all of these churches are at the heart of neighborhoods and at the heart of the history of so many families. These buildings breathe history and every time one of them closes, a chapter of our city’s history disappears with them.

011 - Copy
A second stained glass window in St-Viateur, this one can me found at the front of the church, to the left of the altar.
A stained glass window in 100 year-old St-Viateur Church, Outremont.
A stained glass window in 100 year-old St-Viateur Church, Outremont.

The day before my concert, I drove out to Hudson to meet up with my mother at Finnegan’s market. She had told me about the market many times, but it is a good hour’s drive from my place, so I had never been. The market is open every Saturday from May through October and oh, what a treat it is for people like me who love antiques!

025 - Copy
Antiques in one of the barns at Finnegan’s Market in the town of Hudson, West of Montreal.
026 - Copy
More antiques in the same barn at Finnegan’s.
033 - Copy
Crystal is abundant at Finnegan’s!

My goal when I headed out to Finnegan’s with my mom was to find a lovely piece of furniture to add a bit of storage space to my Darling and I’s kitchen and I found just the thing in the form a beautifully 1890s wash stand! It suits our needs perfectly as it combines both a cabinet and a drawer that we are going to file our bills in and it will free up some space elsewhere in our kitchen. What a successful trip that was and I even came away from the market with an adorable find I was not looking for: two wooden hens that one of the antique dealers let go for less than his asking price because the market was closing and he was looking to bring back as little of his merchandise as possible. I promptly named them Coco and Coquette. Aren’t they the cutest?

036 - Copy
Coco and Coquette, my unexpected finds!
038 - Copy
The beautiful 1890s wash stand I purchased at the market.
037 - Copy
The detailing on the doors of the wash stand.

On that note, I’m going to sign off, but I should be back with a shiny new post in the next few days! It took me a while to get this one up because WordPress was being rather uncooperative when it came to inserting my pictures, but my next one will be lighter on pictures, so all should be well!


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