Taking Stock No.1

Enjoying a peaceful moment in PEI.
Enjoying a peaceful moment in PEI.

I am beginning the practice of ‘taking stock’ after reading Ashley’s last two taking stock posts on her lovely blog Sed Bona. I will admit feeling a bit reluctant to start doing this at first because it can be a bit difficult to think of responses to all of these prompts, but if you are spontaneous about it, taking stock quickly becomes a very fun and enlightening thing to do!

Enjoying: setting aside a bit of time each day to color in my anti-stress coloring book. This is not my exact one, but it’s close enough!
Listening: to J.S. Bach’s trio sonata BWV 526 by the Arion Ensemble on Radio Classique.
Wearing: a pair of my super comfy Lululemon exercise pants.
Making: sure Magique keeps out of mischief.
Cooking: balsamic mushroom pasta for our dinner tonight.
Drinking: Dose Juice’s Thai coconut water.
Feeling: hungry!
Reading: Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch
Looking: for the final pieces of my outfit for my brother’s wedding.
Wishing: Summer could last longer!
Liking: my Bose workout earbuds, they’re the best earphones I’ve ever owned!
Waiting: impatiently for our trip to Atlanta and South Carolina so I can shop at LK Bennett again!
Snacking: Zazubean’s Lunatic chocolate bar.
Coveting: these perpetually out of stock earrings from Links of London.
Hearing: a barking dog, children playing and the occasional car driving down our street.
Learning: to keep calm and go with the flow.
Loving: how much easier going my Darling has become since our vacation…or maybe I’m rubbing off on him?
Watching: season two of Downton Abbey over again…for the third time in two years.
Admiring: everything about life in general these days!
Getting: excited for my brother’s wedding in September and getting to see family I don’t get to see often enough!
Wondering: when I’ll get to tick something else off my bucket list!
Playing: Words with Friends with my brother and losing as usual.
Noticing: the days getting a bit shorter and an occasional nip in the wind…oh dear.
Giggling: over my Darling’s daily goofs.
Bookmarking: at least one recipe per week.
Deciding: on what color clutch and wrap to purchase for my brother’s wedding.
Hoping: Fall doesn’t move in too quickly, we’re not ready yet!
Contemplating: a day trip up to Scandinave Spa in Mont-Tremblant
Wanting: to go back to the St-Sauveur Water Park with my Darling, we had such a blast there last week!
Thinking: about when I might be able to spend a day taking pictures around town.
Knowing: that I am finally able to be who I am for the first time since I was a very small girl and I love it.
Opening: a bottle of white wine with dinner tonight.
Feeling: at peace.
Marveling: at how much life can change in three short years.

Everyone should take the time to take stock of their life! It’s such a fun exercise an if you send Ashley over at Sed Bona your post, she will ink to it on her blog.


3 thoughts on “Taking Stock No.1”

  1. 1) you absolutely must take a day-trip to the Scandinave Spa (and take plenty of photos to share here so I can live vicariously through your travels).

    2) I’m loving that Bach piece you recommended!

    3) Balsamic Mushroom Pasta? Hello, delicious!

    Thank you so much for doing one of these — I feel like I get to know someone so well after they answer just a few silly, spontaneous questions!

    Sed Bona


    1. 1) Will do, I’m hoping I can go soon!
      2) You should look up an album of his violin concertos, they’re amazing! Also, if you like choral music, the choir of King’s College, Cambridge has an amazing recording of his Magnificat.
      3) It was really, really delicious and my absolute pleasure, I had lots of fun doing it once I loosened up!


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