The times are a-changing!

My brother and I in the Fall of 1985
My brother and I in the Fall of 1985

So, you know how I mentioned in my last post that Fall is a season of new beginnings? There is going to be a big new beginning in our family this Fall: my little brother is getting married! Yup, that baby on the right hand side of the picture. If that seems funny to you, imagine what it feels like for me, since I remember him being that little! This photo was actually taken in the last wonderful months before he found out what teasing was and started driving me up the wall. It was also taken before he learned how to talk which was when we discovered that he absolutely hated to be wrong. I have been thoroughly enjoying time spent with my future sister-in-law since I now have someone to try to catch my brother out on his mistakes with. Frustratingly, they are few and far between, but my brother’s fiancée and I have a whale of a time when he does make one, which in my books makes her excellent sister-in-law material, especially since she also happens to be crazy about my brother.

The wedding is bringing a lot of excitement to our family naturally, but it is also, probably mostly for my mom and I, a big change. I am having trouble reconciling my memories of my childhood with my brother with the thought that he is going to be a married man in just a few short weeks. I’m guessing it might be easier for me to wrap my head around if he were my older brother instead of my younger brother. I’ll have to consult my Darling on this point since he has an older brother who is not only married but has three children.

Anyhow, wedding mayhem is beginning to fall upon us, so my posting may become a bit sparse. I make a point of trying to get at least one post per week up, but that may not be possible in the next few weeks, especially since my Darling and I are making a trip down to the States so we can travel back up to Canada for the wedding with one of my Grandmothers. Rest assured though that you will be treated to a wedding post. Maybe not with pictures since I will not be bringing my camera along with me on the wedding day in order to be able to fully enjoy the festivities, but most certainly with as many details as I feel comfortable sharing.


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