Taking Stock No.2

Lac des Bouleaux in Mont Saint-Bruno Provincial Parc
Lac des Bouleaux in Mont Saint-Bruno Provincial Parc

Welcome to my second Taking Stock post! Taking Stock is a practice I began after reading Ashley’s Taking Stock posts over on her (ridiculously beaitufl and addictive) blog Sed Bona. If you feel like joining in on the Taking Stock fun, you can do your own post and share it with Ashley and she will link you post up to hers.

Enjoying: the incredibly mild week we’re having here in Montreal, like I drove home with the sunroof and windows open today!
Listening: to Radio Classique Montréal, Montreal’s classical radio station, give them a Google and you can stream them live online!
Wearing: My favorite warm and fluffy house socks, they totally eliminate the need for slippers!
Making: a lovely red cashmere scarf for myself.
Cooking: as many of the soups in the Soup for Syria cookbook as I can
Drinking: Fortnum and Mason’s Christmas Tea.
Feeling: wonderfully energized and bubbly thanks to yesterday’s 10k run
Reading: The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas
Looking: through every Christmas photo I have ever taken for the perfect one for this year’s Christmas card
Wishing: I was heading back to London and Cambridge in December
Liking: still being able to run outside without layering up like and onion
Waiting: for my Christmas Cactus to flower
Snacking: on roast pumpkin and cardamom soup
Coveting: more Jo Malone Cologne. I got pretty good sample haul when I bought at bottle of my favorite orange blossom scent in Atlanta, but the selection of cologne here in Montreal is not what it is in the States!
Hearing: Magique getting up to no good in the kitchen…
Learning: to read music, slowly and steadily
Loving: being able to air the house out a little today, it’s warm enough to have the windows open!
Watching: season six of Downton Abbey (Hola Unblocker, how I love you!)
Admiring: all the lovely Christmas ad campaigns that are starting
Getting: excited for dinner with my Darling and some friends at Shambala Tibetan restaurant (website is French only)
Wondering: when I’ll get back to the UK, I miss it so much!
Playing: Cards Against Humanity, the most politically incorrect party game ever
Noticing: a huge difference in my hair since I’ve been using Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Styling Creme religiously every time I wash my hair
Giggling: over how close to disaster my Darling and I came the other night when we mistook a skunk for a cat
Bookmarking: the Listen to the Choir section of the choir of King’s College website
Deciding: on photos for my Grandfather’s memory box which will be put by the door to his room at his retirement home
Hoping: we have a milder Winter than our last two
Contemplating: purchasing new Winter boots
Wanting: to have more days where I feel amazing
Thinking: I’m going to be late if I don’t wrap this up soon lol
Knowing: I am doing everything I can to feel my best
Opening: a new tin of tea can make all your worries seem less pressing
Feeling: excited for my next weekend away with my Darling
Marveling: at how quickly this year has flown by


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