Making lemonade

Oh dear, oh dear, our downstairs neighbors are at it again…There’s lead in our water, folks (no, there isn’t, the home test was negative, our main is made out of copper…)!!! Not only that, the water is hard!!! Downstairs Lady can’t get her hair clean! Her child has horrible eczema and sores on her arms! It must be from the water! It can only be from there! it’s killing us! Not only that, we owe them big $$$!!! Why have we not responded to the invoice they sent us yet? Why did I not reply to her e-mail within an hour??? And then I lose my patience. I explain that My Darling and I are getting married, that our engagement party is coming, that we have folks that are coming in from out-of-town and we have had no time to discuss their (ridiculously inflated) invoice, but that yes, we will have our water professionally tested to put your mind at ease and have the bottles ready for them within a reasonable amount of time.

Let me put this into perspective for you folks:

My Darling and I have been living in our lovely home for three years and have had neither eczema, nor trouble keeping our hair clean and have not gotten sick off the water. The couple who lived here before us had a son who was born very prematurely. He lived here from the time he was released from the hospital after his birth to the time he was ten. I have rarely seen a more energetic boy and his skin was totally perfect. I have seen Downstairs Lady’s daughter both in photos and in person and I have rarely seen a cuter, more healthy child. Her skin is perfect and thanks to her grandfather who has a very public Instagram account where he posts pictures of Downstairs Lady’s daughter, I have seen the child in nothing more than a diaper and the photo was from one month ago. I have never seen her with so much as baby acne. If Downstairs Lady can’t get her hair clean, she is either washing it too often or using cheap shampoo or both and she is lying about her child having eczema to talk us into getting a water softening unit for the building on top of the tap filter she wants for her place. Using her child to manipulate us in this way is disgusting and it is not the first time she has done it. As for their invoice, it is ridiculous and I will not go into details about it here in case things get legal but I have officially had it with their crap.

So, what are My Darling and I doing to deal with all this stress? I, for one, am trying to focus on serene things, happy things. Like the fact that I just bought my wedding dress and veil, the fact that I went shopping for engagement party decorations with my mom today and looking at photos of flowers, water, bucolic little palaces…that does the trick too.

The serene Lazienki Palace and its grounds in Warsaw, Poland
Wildflowers growing in a field near the ruins of Olsztyn Castle in Poland
One of the many peacocks that live on the grounds of the Lazienki Palace

What are we doing to try to fix this situation though? We’re looking for a house. Because when life gives lemons, or in this case very lemony neighbors, you make lemonade. Our lemonade will be moving into a house of our own and I mean all our own. No more co-properties for us, I do not even want to share a driveway with a neighbor anymore. We have been looking at houses for a while now, because we want to find one that we love just as much as our current home. It has been frustrating at times but we think we are getting close to finding what we want. I would really, really like to move out of here before Winter, because I don’t want to know what sharing parking with these clowns is going to be like once the ice and snow set in but that will depend on whether we find the right house in time. Are we sad about this? We were very sad about it a few months ago, however the neighbors have pulled enough cheap shots since then that while leaving a house we love and put a lot of money and time into will be sad, I will more than likely be very ready to leave when we do.

The bottom line is this folks: you do not have to put up with other people’s crap, ever. There is a solution to everything, even if you sometimes have to make a hard decision to get to it. I have been through enough stress, anger and sadness in my life, the last thing I am going to do is let a couple of bozos who think they can manipulate and bully me cause me anymore.


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