My father’s story

My father’s name was Claude. He was one of the kindest, most patient and funniest people you could have known. He was also extremely intelligent, could size you up as a person within minutes of meeting you and was an extraordinarily talented businessman and athlete. Most importantly to me though, he was a wonderful father and he adored my brother and I. That’s why we were so shocked when we found out in 2012 that he was suffering from severe depression which led to his being hospitalized late that Summer and then passing away a few months later at the end of January 2013 when he was only 58. We knew he felt down sometimes and I had noticed since I was a teenager that something just wasn’t the same about him anymore, but he hid his true feelings so well that no one could ever have guessed just how depressed he was. We are slowly healing from his loss, but my heart still breaks when I think of what he went through and how hard he tried to hide it from us until he just couldn’t manage it anymore. On this page you will find links to organizations here in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada that can help you or anyone you know who is suffering from depression that I hope may help others who find themselves in our situation.

Revivre Foundation

Canadian Mental Health Association


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