Happy Easter!


Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! We are having a nice relaxing weekend at home with our two furry feline friends (our funny girl Magique is featured in this post) as well as some family time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂


Facebook can be an asshole sometimes.

On This Day App, sometimes great, sometimes not

So, I don’t usually have any beefs with Facebook. I dutifully ignore most of the useless apps they create and take their constant revamping of news feed features in stride. Facebook is a tool that I use to keep in touch with close family and friends who pretty much already know everything that goes on with me. I do not have hundreds and hundreds of Facebook Friends, I’m actually not even sure I have one hundred, so the only complaint I regularly have about Facebook is when my news feed randomly switches its sorting method to the most popular posts my friends have made when I prefer to see the most recent ones first. However, their new ‘On This Day’ app pushed my buttons when it popped up on my feed for the first time today to remind that ‘Hey, you wrote this post last year on the exact day on which your grandfather passed away’. Uh, thanks for that, but could you not? The same thing goes for their ‘year in review’ videos that come along in December every year. The past two years have not been full of happy events, but life being what it is, anything major was indeed shared on Facebook so that family and friends could be kept up to date without my having to make a ton of phone calls, many of them long-distance. Consequently, a lot of the things that garnered a lot of comments and therefore showed up in those ‘year in review’ videos that most of my friends joyfully shared were, in my case, not very joyful.  I’m not the only one with such complaints about the ‘year in review’ videos, as you can read here:


Basically, what I am saying here is that my memory works fine, I don’t need Facebook to remind me about stuff that happened one, three or even ten years ago and neither should anyone else. If there is something amazing that happened and that an anniversary of it comes along and I want to share that with everyone, I can do it all on my own, that you very much. I don’t need an app to remind me of it so I can then share the reminder. So yeah, Facebook, this is a fail on your part in my books, just like your lame year in review videos.

For more on this not-so-great-in-my-books Facebook app, you can read this article:

Facebook ‘On This Day’ tool launched for a nostalgic trip through previous posts | Daily Mail Online.

Spring, finally!

Red and yellow tulips from Westmount Florist
Red and yellow tulips from Westmount Florist

So, Spring finally arrived on Sunday night…or so they say! We had some absolutely gorgeous Spring weather two weeks ago when I was able to go jogging outside for the first time in months, but since then it has gotten chilly again. Now don’t get me wrong, compared to the weather we had from late December right through mid February, it is lovely out. The sun is nice and strong and there is melting going on even when it is below freezing, but I think I can speak for everyone West of Vancouver and particularly for those living in the Maritime Provinces of Canada when I say that we are over Winter, even those like me who enjoy skiing! We want the snow to stop falling, for what there is on the ground to melt, for birds to sing and flowers and buds to grow, preferably overnight. In the absence of such a miracle though, I am attempting to trick myself into not believing Météo Média (Quebec’s version of The Weather Network) when they tell me it is -10 outside today by buying myself bouquets of Tulips. I’m on my third one since January. I’ve pictured of two of my bouquets here, the first and third ones I bought. The middle bouquet didn’t get photographed because I bought it from a florist beside my office after work one day and was sorely disappointed when the tulips were already dying the next day. Back to my local Westmount Florist I went for my next tulips and they’re doing very well. I bought them on Friday and took this picture the same day. They’ve now opened up and have grown quite a bit. If you enjoy buying cut flowers like I do, the best tips I can give you to have them last longer is to trim their ends before putting them in water when you get them home and then keep trimming their ends regularly and change their water every time you do. My tulip bouquets tend to last about a week or a bit longer when I do this.

So, if you live someplace warm or if you’re fortunate enough to have been able to get away from Old Man Winter, please send warm thoughts up to us here in Canada. If you’re Canadian like me and are ready to go stir crazy from this never-ending cold and snow, take heart, Spring does always come in the end. Also, if you are in the Montreal area would like your own lovely bouquets from Westmount Florist, you can visit their website here. They have two locations, one on Victoria Avenue in Westmount and the other on Lakeshore Road in Point-Claire.

Purple tulips from Westmount Florist
Purple tulips from Westmount Florist


Welcome to Old Orchard Chronicles, I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve been working on ideas for this blog for some time and am happy that it’s finally come together. I first started blogging in 2009 when my Darling moved to Toronto for a two-year contract. I was left feeling rather disoriented and alone when he moved away and began blogging on an almost daily basis as a way t o reach out and interact with others. When he came home I began blogging less and less since we began spending more time together and then in 2012 my father became very ill with depression before passing away in 2013. You can read a bit more about him on his page where you will also find some links to mental health resources. It was such a shock when my father passed away that it took me quite some time to get my feet back under me. I tried going back to my first blog, but I just didn’t identify with it anymore because I was so completely changed from the person I was when I started it, so I decided to start again from scratch.

This blog is going to be about the things I love: music, cooking, reading, jogging, traveling, caring for our rambling old upper duplex, travelling, photography and sometimes shopping (because yes, I do love to shop sometimes!). I will also blog about things that touch me, or sometimes just things that happen in everyday life that make me go ‘What the heck???’ or ‘Hey, this happened and it was amazing!’

I can’t promise a post everyday, I will not be blogging on a schedule. I am doing this because I enjoy writing and sharing the things I love and I hope you will enjoy reading about them and if you do, please feel free to comment on my posts as I would love to hear from you!

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